Stardom Plan

Stardom Plan - Custom drafted for you for the best possible outcome

Get our full range of services that has been practically proven to put artistes into the limelight and skyrocket them to stardom, Fast rising artistes like Soft, Tclassic, Haekins, Ekete, Rema, Starboy Terri all use these similar strategies.

Our team of experts with over 9 years deep experience of the Nigerian music industry will listen to your track(s) and draft out a suitable strategy/promotional plan for you based on the type of music you sing and how you wish your brand to be like.

Services that may come with the promotion plan includes;

  • Blog Publishing
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Monetization
  • Find me shows service
  • Website Creation
  • Mixtape/Street Promotion
  • Radio Airplay
  • Radio tour/interview
  • TV Airplay (Cable channels)
  • TV Airplay (Terrestrial channels)
  • InBus TV Airplay
  • Appraisal Viral Articles
  • Social Media Influencer campaigns
  • Official PR firm
  • News/Magazines

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